1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection

Here is my collection… so far… of 1/6th Live Action Superman Figures.  This page will be updated each time I acquire a new figure. They will range from Hot Toys to customized and everything in-between.  The letters on the blue and red bars next to the descriptions below indicate the order in which the figures were acquired or made.

Latest addition: KIRK ALYN











4 thoughts on “1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection

    • Not yet. I was unhappy with the Man of Steel figure learning that it was a slightly larger scale than other Hot Toys figures. The head sculpt of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice version was a little too strange for me. I really like the Justice League version, but the head sculpt is, sadly, just a recycle of BvS. Someday soon, I may get the JL one and find a better head sculpt for it.

      Thanks for the question!


  1. I think George Reeves figure looks pretty amazing the only thing I don’t like so much that’s the way he’s standing and the red is a little too red need a little more maroon color. The face and the S is beautiful.

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