1/6th scale Brandon Routh Superman (Hot Toys) figure (2007*)


One of the earliest releases from Hot Toys was a Superman figure based upon the likeness of Brandon Routh from the movie Superman Returns.  This figure is actually a “frankensteined” version (that I worked on in 2011) of the Hot Toys release to try to achieve a better looking figure.

The figure’s body and hands are from a Christopher Reeve figure, the costume and boots are from a version 1 Hot Toys release, the head is from the Superman 2-in-1 figure, and the cape is custom made.

*Since the original figure was released in 2007, I’m adding that year to this entry’s title even though many of the parts were released/created afterward.

This figure is included in my 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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