BOOTLEG: Man of Steel “Movie Masters” style action figures – China (2015)

2015 Bootleg Man of Steel figuresI will occasionally feature bootleg Superman merchandise and explain why it is always better to get the officially licensed versions. Many knock-offs look pretty bad but, at first glance, these Chinese figures seem like the official Man of Steel Movie Masters figures.  However, there are differences.

Overall, the figures have less articulation than the official versions.  Although it may seem like it, there is no way to pivot the figures at the waist, there is no articulation at the wrists, and there are no joints at the ankles.  Because of the cheaper plastics used in production, the figures have a difficult time standing on their own.  The legs have either been warped in the heat of storage or have come out of the mold that way.

The paint seems hastily done but, with the exception of certain over-paint areas, it seems better than most bootlegs I’ve seen.

Lastly, some differences.  Aside from the non-textured chest symbols, the black-suit Superman figure has a silver ‘S’ shield as opposed to the black shield of the official version.  On the General Zod figure, they reused a Superman figure and just replaced the head (notice the ‘S’ shield).

These figures are great for the person who wants to customize figures at this scale.  They don’t, however, beat the originals.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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