Mattel DC Comics Multiverse 4.25-inch Christopher Reeve Superman figure (2013)

2013 Multiverse Reeve Superman 4 inch figure

I was very happy when Mattel and DC Comics released the Multiverse “4-inch” line of figures*.  This line brought us not only figures from DC’s comic and video game lines, but it also brought us figures like a Michael Keaton Batman, a Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman, a Danny DeVito Penguin, and a Christopher Reeve Superman!

Being a fan of live action portrayals, I thought that Mattel would release wave after wave of new actor portrayals at the same scale.  Sadly, the last two waves saw only video game related figures and less of a true “multiverse” of characters. Ultimately, Mattel cancelled the line altogether and will be releasing a new 6-inch Multiverse line featuring some of the newer live action figures.

Here’s hoping that this time around, DC/Mattel will remain consistent in their Multiverse marketing and releases.  Along with the Stephen Amell Green Arrow, Grant Gustin The Flash, Henry Cavill Superman figures, I wish that they would stretch back into the past to bring us classic live action figures.  I’m also hoping for a Christopher Reeve Superman at the new 6-inch scale.  I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

*(This Christopher Reeve figure measures at 4.25-inches tall.)

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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