Superman #123 (2nd series) (1997) (first appearance of “Electric Blue Superman”)


With the exception of black and white photos and mis-colored collectibles, this will be one reason why the familiar primary colors will not appear in an entry.

DC Comics had already killed off Superman in 1992 and brought him back to life and gave him long hair in 1993.  It stands to reason that one of the logical moves to generate sales would be to completely change both his powers and his appearance.  That’s exactly what happened in 1997 when DC unveiled a new Superman who was “ready for the next century.”

Although still Clark Kent, “Superman Blue” (referred to as “Electro-Superman” or “Electric Blue Superman” by some fans) manifested energy-based powers which included detecting energy signatures, energy bolts, energy absorption, tractor beams, directly accessing the internet, and so on.  Yes… he could still fly.

Panned by many critics and fans, this “next century” Superman reverted back to his original primary colored look (with short hair) just in time for Superman’s 60th anniversary in 1998.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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