Superman Returns: The Videogame for XBOX (2006)


Based upon the 2006 motion picture, Superman Returns: The Videogame was released by Electronic Arts (EA) and featured an amazing fully rendered city of Metropolis.  The flying effects feel great as Superman soars through the air, and the sounds are spectacular.

I’m a big fan of the intricacies of the fictitious city of Metropolis and, although a lot changes over time depending upon the writers of comics, television series, and movies, there are certain constants.  The map for this video game was loosely based on the map used in the 2006 film.

There are certain things I found odd around this Metropolis.  For example, seeing a Bizarro statue was interesting, but it made no sense to me.

Overall, this is a fun game and I think that it’s a “must-play” for any Superman fan, whether you liked the film or not.

courtesy: IGN at

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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