SHAZAM! #1 (1973)


In 1972, DC Comics acquired the license (and eventual ownership by 1991) to Captain Marvel and related properties.  This allowed them to return the character to publication.  Due to a lawsuit with Marvel Comics at the time over trademark issues, DC was forbidden from using the name “Captain Marvel” so the comics were called SHAZAM!.

Although considered by most to be more of a Captain Marvel collectible, I include SHAZAM #1 (published in 1973) as part of my collection since the cover not only shows Superman opening the curtain to reveal Billy Batson and Captain Marvel, but it also has the underlying meaning that after DC (known then as National Periodical Publications) sued Fawcett Comics for copyright infringement in 1951 for its character looking too much like Superman, the Big Blue Boy Scout would ironically (or, perhaps, intentionally) be the one to welcome the Big Red Cheese into the DC family.

The cover artwork was drawn by both Captain Marvel’s co-creator and original artist C.C. Beck (Billy Batson and Captain Marvel) and Nick Cardy (Superman).


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