Kenner Total Justice Superman figure (1996)


I think most fans will agree… the Kenner Total Justice line from 1996 produced some of the strangest looking action figures and accessories.  This Superman figure was one of the more basic of the bunch and featured a long-haired Superman (mirroring that of the comicbooks at the time) but the figure comes with Fractal Techgear Armor and a Kryptonite Ray Emitter.  In its description of what the accessory is, the long sentence on the back of the card reads:

“The gear’s advanced technology also offers the Man of Steel protection from the deadly element Kryptonite, as he uses its collector shields to harness the element’s dangerous power and convert it to a positive energy source that can be channeled through the Kryptonite ray emitter for battle with even the most fearsome forces in the galaxy.”

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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