Comics Scene magazine #5 (volume 3, series 16) (1988)


This is one of the rare occasions where you’ll see a Superboy collectible on this site, but there’s a reason.  Yes… I do have a small amount of Superboy and Supergirl memorabilia, but I tend to focus on Superman.

This is a copy of Comics Scene magazine #5 (volume 3, series 16) from 1988.  The cover features a striking promotional image of John Haymes Newton as Superboy and Stacy Haiduk as Lana Lang from the TV series The Adventures of Superboy.  The main reason why this is included in the virtual exhibit is because the magazine covered the then upcoming Ruby-Spears Superman cartoon series.  In the article, writer and creator Marv Wolfman described how the process was done and that they were creating a Superman that was a “closer-to-Chris-Reeve version, where he has a soft sense of humor.”  The designs for the series were created by comic artist Gil Kane and the article also includes many images from the character sheets.  In the series, Superman and Clark Kent were voiced by Beau Weaver.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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