Superman Red/Superman Blue #1 (1998)


In the 1990s, Superman‘s powers were dramatically altered and so was his costume.  In the one shot issue titled Superman Red/Superman Blue, published in 1998, the blue Electro-Superman did battle with a Toyman and Cyborg team-up.  By the end of the issue, Superman unknowingly becomes two separate entities… one keeping his original blue hue and the other becoming red.

The issue’s plot was conceived and partially written by Dan Jurgens with additional writing by Stuart Immonen, Karl Kesel and Louise Simonson.  The interior artwork was done by Stuart Immonen, Ron Frenz, Tom Grummett, Paul Ryan and Jon Bogdanove.  Inks were by Jose Marzan, Jr., Joe Rubenstein, Denis Rodier, Brett Breeding and Dennis Janke.  The stunning 3D cover was illustrated by Dan Jurgens and inked by Brett Breeding.


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