BOOTLEG: “Super Hero” figure set – China (2004*)


Here is a carded Super Hero figure and accessory set from China. The set features figures of Superman, Batman, Spider-Man and The Hulk.  The Superman figure comes with an alien looking rifle that presumably can shoot a dart.  Batman, sadly, has no accessories unless, of course, the blue alien looking backpack thing was intended for him.  Spider-Man has a red rubber web and Hulk has a huge futuristic automatic rifle.

Both the Superman and Batman figures are re-sculpts that were clearly loosely based on the Kenner Total Justice line from 1996 with the exception of the hand poses (open and fist) being reversed.  Their scalloped style capes are identical to each other except for the color.  The back of the card shows a mix of different graphics that were taken from various other figure sets.  There is an image of a Batman from Batman: The Animated Series, an Elseworlds Superman and a couple of Hulk graphics taken from official figure sets originally produced for the 2003 movie.

*I picked up this figure set in Singapore in 2004.  There is no date indicated on the packaging, so I’m considering it to be from that year.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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