Super Powers Superman cartoon episodes VHS tape (1996)


Back in 1985, Warner Home Video released a collection of four home videos (on both VHS and Betamax) containing selected cartoon episodes of DC Comics heroes: Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Superboy.  Although labeled under the title Super Powers, which was a prominent campaign at the time, these were actually a collection of episodes from cartoons produced in 1966.

This is the 1996 re-issue of the VHS tape that contains episodes from the 1966 animated series The New Adventures of Superman starring Clayton “Bud” Collyer as Superman and Clark Kent.  Collyer originally played the characters on the radio program beginning in 1940.  The box has the same artwork as it did in 1985 which, although striking, doesn’t accurately reflect the cartoon art.

The seven episodes included are:

• Superman Meets Brainiac

• Luminians on the Loose

• The Pernicious Parasite

• The Prankster

• The Chimp Who Made It Big

• The Toyman’s Super Toy

• Luthor’s Fatal Fireworks

3 thoughts on “Super Powers Superman cartoon episodes VHS tape (1996)

  1. Interesting how old the episodes are considering the more modern – for the time – packaging, I bet a lot of people were surprised when they watched these Superman episodes. Bet they are fun to check out though.

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    • Fortunately for the marketing people at the time, the Superman cartoons do say “super powers” in the intro.

      Yes, it was a bit surprising but not all in a bad way. At the time I was partially glad that I could finally see the episodes as an adult. I had seen some of them many years prior but this videotape, in a way, allowed me to revisit a part of my childhood.

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