Superman: Last Son of Krypton novel (1978)


Here is a novel published by Warner Books in 1978 called Superman: Last Son of Krypton.  Written by Elliot S. Maggin, a writer for DC Comics in the 1970s and 1980s, the story briefly covers the events of Krypton during its final moments and Kal-El’s departure.  The story moves quickly through his days in Smallville and as Superboy, then later delves into an unlikely partnership with Lex Luthor and journeying to the planet Oric.

This novel was released in conjunction with the film Superman: The Movie and contains a 16-page album of black-and-white photos from the film.  The cover features the now classic image of Christopher Reeve as Superman pointing to the sky against the cityscape.

As you can see, this copy is rather worn.  Why?  Because I read it many times after it was gifted to me by my parents in 1979. The story even touches on the planet Oa which, at the time, made me hope that… maybe… Green Lantern would appear in later films.  Alas, that would not be the case as this book was not considered an extension of the 1978 film’s storyline.

One thought on “Superman: Last Son of Krypton novel (1978)

  1. What a great novel this is, and it must be as Superman the Movie was brilliant, and this novel sounds really good, love that iconic image on the cover. Interesting how the novel also mentions Oa, just Imagined if Green Lantern had showed up in a later Superman film?

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