1/6th scale Dean Cain Superman (custom) figure (2002)


This Dean Cain custom action figure was my first “1/6th” live action Superman figure.  After purchasing the head sculpt, which I found online back in 2002, I proceeded to sew a custom costume to fit on a G.I. Joe figure.  This was before knowing that Hot Toys existed and the only means I had was to use those figures.

I originally hesitated to include this figure as a part of this virtual exhibit since I didn’t want to include custom collectibles that I created.  However, when I first added a 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection page, I felt that this particular figure was necessary.  This figure was originally included in the line-up but has been replaced with the 1/6th Dean Cain Superman figure produced by UnleashedViper Custom Creations.



What are your thoughts about the collection?

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