1/6th scale Dean Cain Superman figure (2002)


I originally hesitated to include this figure as a part of this virtual exhibit since I didn’t want to include custom collectibles that I created.  However, since I have added a 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection page, I felt that this particular figure was necessary.

This Dean Cain custom action figure was my first “1/6th” live action Superman figure.  After purchasing the head sculpt, which I found online back in 2002, I proceeded to sew a custom costume to fit on a G.I. Joe figure.  This was before knowing that Hot Toys existed and the only means I had was to use these figures.  Although the head sculpt ended up being slightly larger than the Hot Toys versions and the G.I. Joe body makes the figure shorter than the others, it’s still something that I will keep in the 1/6th Live Action Superman figure lineup until, perhaps, a better figure comes along.

This figure is included in my 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection.


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