1/6th scale Tyler Hoechlin Superman (Rise Collectible Toys) figure (2017)


Just in the nick of time for the Supergirl season two finale!

This is a 1/6th figure of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman from the CW television series Supergirl.  The costume, cape and boots were offered as a limited run by Rise Collectible Toys in December of 2016 (produced in 2017).  The head sculpt was crafted by the amazing Rocco Tartamella which I purchased in 2017.  I ended up using a ZC Toys Emulated Figure that I had purchased for another planned custom to complete it.  After painting the head sculpt and doing some slight repaints and costume modifications (including adding the missing “tabs” around the ‘S’ symbol and modifying the figure’s legs to accommodate for the boots) the Tyler Hoechlin Superman figure was ready to join the lineup.  I am quite happy to be among those who had the opportunity to acquire the elements to assemble this figure.

For a look at what went into the modification of this figure, check it out in the Modification and Repair section.

So far, Tyler Hoechlin has portrayed Superman in four episodes of the CW television series Supergirl (2016 – Present).

This figure is included in my 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection.


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