Kellogg’s Batman v Superman Fruit Flavored Snacks (2015) (2016)


Here is yet another product among a myriad of items promoting the film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  This is a box of Kellogg’s Batman v Superman Fruit Flavored Snacks.  Originally produced in 2015, this product saw an extension well into 2017.  Each box contains ten pouches of fruit snacks in assorted flavors.  On the back of the box there is a maze puzzle and multiple choice questions about Superman and Batman.  Question number five has interesting choices:

Q: Who is Superman’s arch-nemesis?

A) Lana Lang

B) Lex Luthor

C) Captain Kryptonite

D) Wonder Woman


The 2016 box graphics, which carried over through 2017, changed slightly.  Among the changes: the big, bold word “NEW” was removed, the box got slightly shorter, and the quiz on the back was replaced by a landscape orientation of the graphics on the front of the box.  Also, to obviously solidify their brand identity, there is a DC Comics logo at the upper left right below the Kellogg’s logo.



What are your thoughts about the collection?

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