BOOTLEG: Huaan “Superman” Pen – China (2017)


One day, I stopped at a gas station, walked into the food mart to get a drink and pre-pay for the gas.  While at the register, I looked to my left and noticed a shelf of small plastic containers filled with wrapped character pens.  Now because I am who I am, I immediately saw the “Superman” pen.

This is a standard cheaply produced pen with a “Superman-like” rubber character.  Technically, this character has no ’S’ symbol to speak of and the costume is slightly different in design… but there can be no mistaking that it was intended to be the Man of Tomorrow.  The pen has a phrase printed next to the Huaan logo that reads, “I believe I’m the best.”

The character design is very similar to the  2015 bootleg “Avengers Superman” cord holders that I acquired that year.

There were numerous other characters and some were knock-offs of Spider-Man, Captain America and more.


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