Aurora Superman model kit (1964)


This was a recent and surprising discovery.

My parents met in the 1960s and one shared project of theirs combined my father’s interest in Universal Monsters with my mother’s interest in crafts.  Aurora model kits were a big deal back then and my parents bought up a number of them to work on together… Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Wolfman, Bride of Frankenstein, and more.

I recently discovered the large box that contained all of them.  They were individually wrapped in old newspapers.  As I slowly went through the box, I remembered my dad showing some of these to me when I was a child.  Now, as an adult, I feel a greater understanding and appreciation for them.

After unwrapping the model of King Kong, I began thinking, “Wow!  Wouldn’t it be interesting if they bought the Superman Aurora model kit?”  When I picked up the next large ball of newspaper… I felt the cape.  There he was, unpainted but fully assembled.  I will take great care of this for as long as I’m around.

Thanks mom and dad.




The cover of Superman #50 (2nd series) from 1990, promoted as the “historic engagement issue”, is an homage to the Aurora model kit?


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