Matchbox Superman Returns 5-pack vehicle set (2006)


The motion picture Superman Returns in 2006 came with an onslaught of collectibles.  This is a Matchbox 5-pack die-cast vehicle set that contains A news live truck, a taxi cab, a tour shuttle, a police car, and a Daily Planet helicopter.

Although the helicopter is of its own design, its red and white color scheme is clearly an homage to the 1978 Corgi Daily Planet helicopter which was based on the one in
Superman: The Movie.  A lot of work went in to the graphics on the sides of the vehicles.  The Metropolis tour bus has its own logo, the Metropolis Cab Company car has the Superman Returns Daily Planet skyline in an oval under the word “Metropolis” and has a complete taxi fare list, and the News 12 Live remote truck has a believable station logo complete with the slogan, “The Pulse of Metropolis.”

Matchbox is a division of Mattel.

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