Superman: The Movie VHS tape (1986)


This is a copy of a Superman: The Movie VHS tape released in 1986 by Warner Home Video.  Unlike today’s world where the home video versions of films are released a month after they leave the theaters, it took eight years for this film to be available to the public on Betamax or VHS.

This tape racked up some serious mileage in its time since I would play it over and over again.



3 thoughts on “Superman: The Movie VHS tape (1986)

    • Yes, it is hard to believe it took that long. HBO received the rights to first present the movie on cable back in 1980 (two years after its release) and there were those with Betamax or VHS recorders who probably still have it on tape somewhere. By 1982, there was an extended version shown in two parts on KABC and KCOP. Those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to have video cassette players/recorders at the time had to wait until 1986 to, at least, have it in our hands.

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