Superman #50 (2nd Series) (1990)


Here is Superman number 50 (2nd series) published in 1990.  In this 48-page issue, Clark Kent confronts Lex Luthor and, later, Superman battles Mister Mxyzptlk who becomes… Grossman, a giant humanoid blob of goo while wearing the ʻG’ from the Galaxy Building.  Also appearing in this issue is The Guardian.  What makes this issue important, though, is that it is…

spoiler alert

called the “historic engagement issue” because Lois Lane says, “yes.”  The story for this issue was written by Jerry Ordway and featured art by him, Dan Jurgens, Brett Breeding, Kerry Gammill, Dennis Janke, Curt Swan, and John Byrne.

I mentioned this comic book issue back in the 1964 Aurora Model Kit post because the cover of this issue, drawn by the talented Jerry Ordway, was an homage to that model kit’s box cover.

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