Star Battles magazine (1978)


Published in winter of 1978, this issue of Star Battles, by Stories, Layouts and Press, Inc., has a dynamic cover featuring a bold image of Christopher Reeve as Superman in the now classic “pointing skyward” pose.  Beside him is Richard Hatch as Apollo from Battlestar Galactica.  The magazine contains an eight-page article about Superman: The Movie (which continues on later pages), a six-page article about the Kirk Alyn and George Reeves incarnations of Superman (which also continues on later pages), and a six-page article that covers Superman’s animated evolution from the original Fleischer cartoons to Super Friends.  In addition to a great article about Battlestar Galactica, the magazine also covers the then popular Saturday morning live-action world of Shazam! (Captain Marvel), Mighty Isis, Dr. Shrinker, Electra Woman and Dynagirl, Bigfoot and Wildboy, Ark II, and more.

This great magazine is one of a few in my collection which originally belonged to my father.

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