7-Eleven Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Slurpee cups (1987)


Here is the entire set of eight 7-Eleven Slurpee cups that promoted the 1987 motion picture Superman IV: The Quest for Peace. The series of cups contain 1) Superman, 2) Lois Lane, 3) Daily Planet Staff, 4) Nuclear Man, 5) Lacy Warfield, 6) Lenny, 7) Lois and Superman, and 8) Nuclear Man and Lacy.

It took me a few trips to 7-Eleven back then, but it was well worth it to obtain all of them.

5 thoughts on “7-Eleven Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Slurpee cups (1987)

  1. These look great! Must’ve been fun collecting these and drinking all the slurpee drinks. What was your favourite flavour? Interesting to see some Superman IV merchandise as well, its not one of the films you see much stuff for I would imagine?

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    • Thanks. I’m actually really happy that they are still intact. I have an additional cup #1 which I actually used regularly back then. I found out that, over time, these cups don’t tend to survive since they become brittle after being exposed to sunlight.

      My favorite Christopher Reeve Superman film is Superman: The Movie. To me it best captures the heart and soul of the character. No mysterious cellophane ‘S’ symbols or needless/pointless rube goldberg slapstick.

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