Newstime magazine (1993)


This is a copy of Newstime magazine cover dated May of 1993.  It was published by DC Comics and was a one-shot issue containing fictional stories pertaining to the world of Superman at the time.

I have always been a huge fan of how, over the many years, the city of Metropolis (and the DC Universe in general) has been given street names, restaurants, banks, skyscrapers, monuments, publications, and so on.  This magazine fed that fandom a full ten course meal.

In the Newstime magazine, which is an obvious mash-up of “Time” and “Newsweek” and is a piece of the Metropolis puzzle unto itself, there are many, many fictitious, believable ads promoting companies like Ferris Aircraft, WayneTech, GBS, Big Belly Restaurants, Soder Cola, and others.  It primarily features in-depth articles about the death of Superman, but it also features little side stories that are a blast to read including a celebrity section.  There is a full page ad for a fictitious movie called Club Red which pays off on the next page’s blurb about the fate of the actor in the film.  There’s also an On Screen section where an article covers a movie coming out called Courageous Man Strikes Back starring Buster Caine which is a fun play on a Michael Keaton in Batman Returns.  Get it?  Buster Keaton and Michael Caine???  Yeah, of course you do.

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