Superman Returns the Official Movie Adaptation comic (2006)


As it is with most comic book adaptations, the writers and artists are given early versions of the movie script, production photos, and (sometimes) footage to work with. This adaptation of the 2006 motion picture Superman Returns is no exception.

The comic opens with what was the original open to the movie before being edited out. It mimics the intro to Superman: The Movie complete with a shot of an old comic book with narration which continues into various scenes that lead up to the movie’s plot. It also contains the deleted scene where Superman (in his gray suit) is in his ship searching for Krypton.

This comic book adaptation was written by Martin Pasko from the original story and screenplay by Bryan Singer, Michael Dougherty, and Dan Harris. The artists were Matt Haley, Mike Collins, and Ron Randall.

5 thoughts on “Superman Returns the Official Movie Adaptation comic (2006)

  1. This is awesome! Superman Returns was the first Superman movie that I ever saw in a theater. I remember feeling so much emotion as the movie began with the credits and the incredible score of music. It will always be a special movie to me!

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