1/6th scale George Reeves Superman (UnleashedViper) figure (2017)


Here is a figure that has been very sought after by Superman fans for a long time.  This is an unofficial George Reeves Superman 1/6th figure partially produced in 2017 by UnleashedViper Customs Creations in the Philippines.  I ordered the suit, boots, and head from the company and the figure itself was purchased elsewhere online.  There was also some modification to the costume, including custom ʻS’ symbols, a revised belt buckle, and redesigned boots.

For a detailed look at what went into the modification of this figure, check it out in the Modification and Repair section.

George Reeves portrayed Superman in the 1951 motion picture Superman and the Mole Men, all 104 episodes of the 1950s television series The Adventures of Superman, a special United States Treasury Department film called Stamp Day for Superman, and he also appeared as Superman in an episode of I Love Lucy.

This figure is included in my 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection.


10 thoughts on “1/6th scale George Reeves Superman (UnleashedViper) figure (2017)

  1. This is a wonderfully made action figure and a true homage to one of greatest portrayals of Superman. The original television series, post Kirk Allyn’s portrayal in the movie serials. It is a wonder why Warner Brothers has not given any company the rights to have this figure, or any action figure with George Reeves likeness in production. Mattel is doing such a good job with their Multiverse line, I feel a George Reeves Superman action would fit right in.

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    • Thanks! I agree, Warner Bros. has given the license to Hot Toys for their current movie properties, but the only “classic” official Hot Toys figures we’ve gotten were the 1966 Batman figures, Christopher Reeve, and Michael Keaton. Seeing official current CW portrayals and “classic” DC portrayals would be wonderful! Imagine a Kirk Alyn Blackhawk or a Lewis Wilson Batman.


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