Toys “R” Us / Fandango Justice League movie coupon card (2017)


To promote the film Justice League, DC and Warner Bros. collaborated with Toys “R” Us and Fandango create a special offer. With the purchase of DC figures, play sets, and role play merchandise of $25 or more, shoppers were able to receive this special 2.5 inch x 3.5 inch Justice League card. On the back of the card is a code that could be entered at a Fandango related website to activate a $7.50 coupon toward a Justice League movie ticket.

Thankfully, we collectors get to keep the card and don’t have to painfully surrender it as an actual coupon.


3 thoughts on “Toys “R” Us / Fandango Justice League movie coupon card (2017)

    • Yes, I’ve seen it. I’m glad that a certain “Super” character is closer to who he’s supposed to be. We’re not quite there yet, but I hope that the further we distance ourselves from what he was in BvS the better. They have a way to go yet, but they’ve proven that it’s possible. Now… if only we could get the trunks back on.

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      • I agree, it was great to see them finally do that character justice. I thought Justice League was quite good, I liked how the story brought the league together, the CGI was a bit meh in places, but overall Justice League was a big improvement on BvS. Lots of potential for them to build on now. I’d like to see that classic look as well 🙂

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