Action Comics #987 (2017)


This is a copy of Action Comics #987 published in 2017.  In part one of a story called “The Oz Effect”, Superman races to defeat the agents of the villain Mr. Oz and the chaos that has been terrorizing the world.  It is in this issue where we learn the secret identity of Mr. Oz which greatly shocks Superman! The issue has a very eye-catching lenticular cover with text that shifts from “HOPE” to “OZ”.

This blog is a fun getaway for me, and gives me a great opportunity to showcase my collection.  However, at the risk of sounding too preachy, this great comic issue brought about a strange comment from a so-called online “journalist” who picked it apart and blasted what Superman does in a few panels. He expressed his opinion in an online article and it bothered me so much that I felt I had to comment on it.

The Scene:

When this comic was promoted in 2017, DC Comics did what any comic company does and uploaded a sampling of the panels (which is, apparently, what the “journalist” based his entire opinion on).  In the comic, a frantic and irate man is pointing an automatic rifle at a group of Spanish speaking employees at a factory.  The man claims that he was fired and wants to take it out on the intended victims who plea for their lives.  The man fires just as Superman swoops in to save them and, after telling the man “the only person responsible for the blackness smothering your soul — is you”, leaves the man unharmed for the police to take him away.

The “journalist’s” response:

“Instead of rounding up the illegals and flying them back to where they came from, the Man of Steel snatches the white guy.”  He goes on to write, “I recon it’s only a matter of time before DC Comics unleashes other superheroes in its corporate quest to defend the alien invaders.”

My take:

Sigh.  Murder or attempted murder have no borders, no ethnicities, no nationalities.  Superman saves lives.  Period!  The character will do it whenever and wherever he can and protects them against violent individuals.  He saves all humans because it’s the right thing to do.  That’s clearly the point! The “journalist’s” comments really bothered me.  I wondered where his ethical and moral standards were when he wrote that.  It hurt my mind, my heart, and my soul to read his comments.  To me, it was clearly written by someone who A) does not understand the immoral gravity of what he wrote, and B) has no clue about what the character of Superman truly stands for.  This so-called “journalist” and his place of business will remain nameless since I don’t feel the need to promote them.

To Dan Jurgens who wrote this and to the artists, Viktor Bogdanovic, Jonathan Glapion, Jay Leisten, Nick Bradshaw, Brad Anderson, Neil Edwards, and Jerome Cox… BRAVO!!  Thank you for giving us Superman!

This is not why I created this blog, but I felt I needed to put to words the frustration I was feeling for those who believe that senseless violence against others is acceptable at anytime… and the sadness I feel for the victims of such crimes.

3 thoughts on “Action Comics #987 (2017)

  1. Great post, and well said. I only sporadically keep up with the comics, but it sounds like from your description that this tale remains true to the spirit of Superman.

    On another note, thanks for the heads-up that Action Comics is approaching issue #1000. I remember when reading the various Superman comics in the early 1990s (during the “triangle number” era) doing the math and thinking how impossibly far in the future #1000 seemed. How time flies.

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