Movieland Wax Museum Superman postcard (1979)


Since Superman: The Movie was released in December of 1978, the following year saw the realization of numerous merchandise and licensing.  One of which was the unveiling of a Superman: The Movie exhibit at Movieland Wax Museum in Buena Park California.  When you walked into the room you were greeted with John Williams’ grand Superman theme and a likeness of Christopher Reeve in an authentic screen-used Superman costume.  The statue stood against a loose facsimile of the Fortress of Solitude set.  This is a postcard from Movieland Wax Museum that features the wax statue.


I was fortunate enough to visit the museum during the summer of 1979 and was thrilled to see this with my own eyes.  I returned many years later to discover that the main costume was replaced with a replica and the ’S’ symbol was missing one of its yellow negative spaces… a clear sign that it was not an original.  I learned later that the museum closed in 2005 and the statue was sold at auction.  Still, I have very fond memories of seeing it for the first time and I hope that it went to a good home.


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