Superman Metropolis Secret Files #1 (2000)


This issue of Superman Metropolis Secret Files #1, cover dated June 2000, is chock-full of stories, art, and information about the world of Superman and Metropolis as it was at at the end of the 20th century.  The B13 virus was still in full effect throughout the city.  There’s a story called Metropolica which is about Lex Luthor’s bodyguards Hope and Mercy, a story called Municipal Bonds involving John Henry Irons and Steelworks, and a story called The Unbearable Brightness of Being featuring Strange Visitor and Gorilla Grodd.  Throughout the comic, you can find information about The Eradicator, Steel, Metropolis S.C.U., The Prankster, Rose and Thorn, LexCorp, Metropolis Union Station, and much more.

Within the book is an ad for The Multipath Adventures of Superman which was an online 3-D animated video game in which a player was given the ability to choose from different paths in the storyline. On the back cover is the Superman “Got Milk” ad.


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