PrestoMagiX Dry Transfer Game #1 and #2 (1979)


Due to the success of the Superman Saves Metropolis dry transfer game that was produced in 1978, PrestoMagiX released a series of smaller Superman themed games that unfolded to reveal three scenes.  Here are two of them. The first in the series was called Superman Blasts Off Krypton where the panels depict Jor-El and Lara sending baby Kal-El off in his rocketship as Krypton is destroyed.  The second in the series is titled Superman’s Journey to Planet Earth and depicts baby Kal-El’s rocketship landing in Kansas as Jonathan and Martha Kent find him.

These PrestoMagiX games, produced by the Gillette Company, were a lot of fun.  I wish they would make a return someday.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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