Zimpli Kids Superman Kryptonite Green Gelli Baff and bendable figure (2016)


In 2016, the company Zimpli Kids produced this Superman Kryptonite Green Gelli Baff and bendable figure set.  The “Gelli Baff” is a powder which, when added to bath water, turns it into bubbly goo.  When you add the “dissolver” powder, the goo turns back into liquid and can be easily rinsed down the drain.  The label says that the goo is biodegradable. The bendable figure is a re-release of the NJ Croce Superman figure produced in 2013.  The figure is designed after Darwyn Cooke‘s six-issue comicbook series in 2004 titled DC: The New Frontier and its 2008 animated adaptation Justice League: The New Frontier.  The box art, however, features a New 52 version of Superman.  Both products were produced in the UK.

Although I’m sure this is quite fun for kids (and, perhaps, adults as well) I often wonder what the thought process is behind including certain “Kryptonite” products in Superman merchandise. I can hear the commercial now:

“Hey, parents, what better way to keep the Man of Steel away from your kids than bathing them in Kryptonite goo?  Kryptonite can be fatal to Kryptonians but, don’t worry, it’s only mildly radioactive to humans… we think.  Your kids will have loads of fun dunking the included effigy of Superman into the Kryptonite goo death trap.”

Okay… perhaps I’m over-thinking this a bit.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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