Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman 5-inch bendable figure (1973)


This is a Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman bendable figure.  Produced in 1973, this molded rubber figure is 5-inches tall and has wires within it that allow the figure’s limbs to be bent and moderately posed. The figure’s short cape is also molded as part of the figure and was originally carded.

My parents bought this for me when I was a child. Oh, the memories. Over the years, this figure was flown (tossed) through the air, played with in the yard, carbon copied, etc., etc. Although the wire has worn out in the arms, due to extensive attempts at posing this figure in a flying position (which never worked), I’m quite happy that I still have it and that it is still intact.

8 thoughts on “Mego Bend ’n Flex Superman 5-inch bendable figure (1973)

  1. He looks well loved, and apart from the expected paint rubs is in great condition. It’s cool you still have this childhood figure. I had a Rupert Bear figure which over the years held up well with its wire limbs for posing, sadly not the material of the toy as it was made from some kind of hi-density foam which didn’t take long to perish.

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