BOOTLEG: “Superman” figure – China (2004*)


Another example of a bootleg figure from China, this is a “Superman” figure that has five points of articulation.  It has a generically molded body so that it can, presumably, be used for other heroes.  Additionally, its plastic cape is scalloped for that reason. The ’S’ symbol on the chest seems to have been painted on using a stencil.  The figure is clearly loosely based on the 1996 Kenner Total Justice line of figures.  This figure is made from the same mold as the “Superman” figure in the bootleg set I purchased in Singapore in 2004 with the exception of the different paint job and different style plastic cape.

*I picked up this figure at a toy section at a local used clothing and goods store.  Based upon its sculpt and paint, it is conjecture that it was produced by the same company in China that released the figure set I purchased in Singapore in 2004.  There is no date indicated on the figure, so I’m considering it to be from that year.

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