PTI Group Superman Figural Plastic Bucket (2017)


Produced exclusively for Wal-Mart for Halloween of 2017 was this Superman Figural Plastic Bucket.  It’s molded in blue plastic, has a yellow handle, and has a large ’S’ symbol sticker on both sides of the bucket.  The bucket was made in China for the PTI Group in O’Fallon, Missouri.

Although this is called a “Figural Bucket”, there is no “figure” of Superman found on it.  Even though it was released during the Halloween season, this bucket is great for carrying just about anything for any season.

2 thoughts on “PTI Group Superman Figural Plastic Bucket (2017)

  1. I had (hopefully somewhere still have) one similar to this, that I was gifted back in early 2007, though I think it was part of all the stuff for Superman Returns.

    I much prefer this “classic” “licensed version” of the S-shield, though. (as opposed to the more “stylized” versions with Superman Returns or Man of Steel/Batman v Superman/Justice League).

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    • Firstly, I do remember the Superman Returns one but I don’t think I picked it up back then. I hope you can find it! Secondly, I tend to agree with you about the logo preference, although I am a fan of how the logo has changed over the years and how even how the “standard” promotional logo differs slightly from decade to decade. In the 1990s and early 2000s, they added a bevel to the edges.

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