Entertainment Weekly #1255/1256 (2013)


This is a copy of Entertainment Weekly number 1255/1256 cover dated April 19/26, 2013.  The cover features the now very memorable crouched pose of Henry Cavill as Superman for the film Man of Steel.  The magazine contains an array of preview articles on the then upcoming summer films of 2013.  Among the articles, Man of Steel gets two pages.  The article mostly covers the road to production and how the movie will differ from those before it.

A moment of “fan-addict” digression:  In a sense, I’m glad that it didn’t go longer than two pages since the writer seemed to not really do too much homework with quotes like, “as 1981’s Superman II showed us — he can just spin the planet the other way and reverse time.” Another, “Those glowing green space rocks — Superman’s only crippling weakness.”

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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