Action Comics #600 (1988)


Here I am… already at the 600th Superman collectible to be added to this virtual exhibit. In honor of that… I bring you this!

This is a copy of Action Comics number 600 published in 1988 by DC Comics when Superman was celebrating his 50th birthday.  It contains multiple stories by numerous writers and artists.

The first story, written by John Byrne and illustrated by Byrne and George Perez, begins with that awkward kiss and exchange between Superman and Wonder Woman.  The story quickly soars headlong into an adventure on Olympus where the two heroes are deep in a deception by none other than the evil Darkseid which eventually pits the two against each other.  However, the deception backfires on Darkseid when he discovers that Superman and Wonder Woman were pretending to battle in order to find the source of the mayhem.

What follows are great stories by John Byrne and Roger Stern, and art by Kurt Schaffeberger, Dick Giordano, Curt Swan, Murphy Anderson, and Mike Mignola, and more.  There are also some astounding pin-up pages by Linda Medley, Art Adams, Jon Bogdanove, Kevin Maguire, Dave Gibbons, Mike Zeck, and Walt Simonson.

15 thoughts on “Action Comics #600 (1988)

  1. Congrats on exhibit 600, and a worthy example too. It’s taken you no time at all to get from 500 to this. Keep up the stellar work. My favourite items you show are often the 70s and 80s but I enjoy seeing some of the more modern Superman output too. Do you have a favourite decade in terms of items you like to collect?

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    • Thank you! Yes, it doesn’t seem that long ago that the blog featured its 500th collectible.

      Favorite decade? Hmmm. All and any. Seriously, though, I guess the eras that hit the heart the most would have to be the early 1970s to late 1980s. As a collector, however, any decade will do.

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      • Thanks, it was bad but hey they can’t take away the memory. The key ring is a gunmetal color with no blue or red and about two inches tall. I think I got it at FYE the first one was from Newbury comics. He cup k=just has the symbol and its in the signature blue and red. I’m a huge DC fan in general so My Superman shirt has Wonder Woman drop kicking him (can’t see why I would have that lol). He movie collection is the new one that came out with the 5 movies 1-4 and Superman Returns, MoS is digital.

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