Superman #180 (1965)


This is a copy of Superman number 180 published in 1965 by DC Comics.  The first story in this issue deals with Clark Kent as he tries to uncover the secret identity of Superman live on television.  What??  Yes, it’s true.  It is later revealed, however, that Clark Kent was bribed into finding out the information by conniving criminals who kidnapped Lois Lane.  Throughout Clark’s “investigation”, He stays several steps ahead of them.

The second story is the cover story which involves Superman traveling to a south pacific island called Florena where he encounters a land of technologically advanced women who trick him into discovering them in order to have him marry one of them.  When Superman attempts to leave, he is trapped by an artificial Kryptonite shield that surrounds the island like a dome.  The women also plan a high tech trick to siphon Superman’s powers, but he quickly becomes aware and turns the tables on them.

The cover was drawn by Curt Swan.  The stories were written by Leo Dorfman and drawn by Al Plastino.

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