1/6th scale Kirk Alyn Superman (UnleashedViper) figure (2019)


I was very impatiently waiting for this figure to finally be made by someone.  This is an unofficial Kirk Alyn Superman (blue/gray and burgundy version) 1/6th figure produced in 2019 by UnleashedViper Customs Creations in the Philippines. The head sculpt by Jho Artworks is phenomenal! Their work on the costume included some amazing work on the sweater-like sleeves. The boots were flocked to give the appearance of suede. Something that I hope I had an influence in after revising their Reeves figure boots in that way.

As it was with the George Reeves figure, I ordered the suit without the ʻS’ symbols and crafted my own to be more screen accurate. I also replaced the belt and belt buckle and added the side-laces and “pinstripes” at the top of the boots.

Kirk Alyn portrayed Superman in the 1948 motion picture 15-chapter serial Superman and again in its 1950 follow up serial Atom Man vs. Superman.

This figure is included in my 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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