Hot Wheels Lexcorp Jet Takeoff (2007)

Setting up the beginning of a tale of about a confrontation between Superman and his arch nemesis Lex Luthor was what this Hot Wheels Lexcorp Jet Takeoff set was all about. Produced in 2007 by Mattel, the carded set features a Superman jet powered vehicle, a translucent green Lexcorp Jet (with purple trimming) that has a propeller at the rear, and a 1.5-inch Superman figurine in an action pose.

The back of the card sets up the story:

“Thinking he will make a clean getaway, LEX LUTHOR packs his corporate jet full of stolen artifacts. But there is no fooling the MAN OF STEEL. SUPERMAN quickly uses his X Ray Vision to uncover Lex’s true cargo and heads after the jet!”

It’s up to you to finish the story to see what the mysterious cargo is and why Superman ends up needing a branded red and blue jet powered car. I do like that they made the Lexcorp Jet translucent to simulate Superman’s X-ray vision.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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