Mego Superman figure (1971)

I initially thought that I wasn’t going to post this figure… but here it is.

This is a Mego Superman figure produced in 1971 and is among the first run of Mego’s World’s Greatest Super Heroes line. I had been gifted this Superman figure as a child (one of two) and loved it so much that I played with it almost non-stop along with the other Mego DC and Marvel heroes that I had at the time. The other Superman figure has long been among the destroyed and missing due (sadly) to rough play as a kid. I thought that this figure wasn’t in good enough shape to show to all of you here… but I was wrong. The fact that it’s still here through all of his wear-and-tear, missing ‘S’ symbol, frayed cape and trunks, and cracked boot, is an example of my love for the character both as a child and, now, as an adult. So here he is… a battle damaged friend of years gone by.

You eagle-eyed fans may notice my early attempts at customizing with the oval pen mark on the belt to simulate a belt buckle.

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