WEG Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis (2000)


Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you that my fandom goes far beyond just the character of Superman. I have a deep fascination for the fictitious city of Metropolis as well.

This is a copy of The Daily Planet Guide to Metropolis: The City of Tomorrow published by WEG in 2000. This book is a wealth of creative knowledge about the city. From the general history of Metropolis to the intricacies of businesses and buildings like Bessolo Bistro, Kurtzberg Bakery, Shuster HallCentennial Hotel, the Newstime building, and many, many others. There are numerous other mentions of locations throughout the city like Perez Park, Maggin GardensMetropolis Overstreet Mall, and many more.

This book is wonderful eye and brain candy for someone like myself. It really helps to make the fictional city of Metropolis seem even more like a place I could visit. Ah… if only.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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