Sterling Publishing Superman: The Dailies 1939-1942 hardcover book (2006)


This massive Superman: The Dailies – 1939-1942 hardcover book by Sterling Publishing Company is chock full of reprints of the weekday Superman newspaper comic strips from those years. It begins with his arrival on Earth and sweeps into many crime fighting stories including battling Luthor (in the days before he was given a first name), defending Metropolis against a submarine and a squadron of planes, and battling a group of villains resembling the Ku Klux Klan. Through it all, he also takes the time to save a falling baby from certain doom, save a man tied to train tracks, and, of course, rescue Lois Lane time and time again.

The book also features an article called The Superman Bandwagon which covers the character’s move from comics, to radio, and to cereal boxes. Another set of pages is titled Superman Goes to Hollywood which covers the leap to the Fleischer cartoons and, later in 1948, the leap to the live-action serial starring Kirk Alyn.

The cover of this book was illustrated by Peter Poplaski.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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