Atari 2600 Superman Game instructions and cartridges (1979)


Happy Superman Day everyone!

Although I don’t have an original box… yet… this is an original Atari 2600 Superman Game instructions as well as two game cartridges. The cartridge on the left is the original version and the one on the right is the version that was released soon after with the Superman graphical treatment as seen on the box cover and instruction booklet.

Back in 1980, I was gifted an Atari gaming system. I babied that thing like crazy making sure that I didn’t play too rough with the controllers or the console and I made sure to put it away in its original box so that it wouldn’t get damaged. However, after only several months, the console died!

With that said, I never owned a copy of this game. Yeah, I’ve read about how this game wasn’t the greatest, but something tells me I would have been happy with it anyway. One day, I intend to play it on an actual console.

A side note: Today we mourn the passing of Denny O’Neil, the successful DC Comics writer and publisher who brought us many memorable moments in comicbook history. R.I.P. Mr. O’Neil.

What are your thoughts about the collection?

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