1/6th scale Dean Cain Superman (UnleashedViper) figure (2018)

Here is a fantastic 1/6th Dean Cain Superman figure produced by UnleashedViper Custom Creations in the Philippines in 2018. The head was expertly sculpted by Jho Artworks.

This figure is now added to my 1/6th Live Action Superman Figure Collection and replaces the original 1/6th Dean Cain Superman figure in the lineup that I custom made in 2002.

Dean Cain portrayed Superman in the television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman which aired on ABC from 1993 to 1997.

1/6th scale George Reeves Superman (UnleashedViper) figure (2017)

Here is a figure that has been very sought after by Superman fans for a long time. This is an unofficial George Reeves Superman 1/6th figure partially produced in 2017 by UnleashedViper Customs Creations in the Philippines. I ordered the suit, boots, and head from the company and the figure itself was purchased elsewhere online. There was also some modification to the costume, including…

1/6th scale Tyler Hoechlin Superman (Rise Collectible Toys) figure (2017)

This is a 1/6th figure of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman from the CW television series Supergirl. The costume, cape and boots were offered as a limited run by Rise Collectible Toys in December of 2016 (produced in 2017). The head sculpt was crafted by the amazing Rocco Tartamella which I purchased in 2017. I ended up using a ZC Toys Emulated Figure that I had purchased for another planned custom to complete it. After painting the head sculpt and doing some slight repaints and costume modifications (including adding the missing…