Injustice: Gods Among Us (Series 02) Man of Steel arcade card (2017)

The arcade game Injustice: Gods Among Us that took gaming centers by storm released a second series of arcade cards. This is a Man of Steel movie variant that could unlock gameplay of the Henry Cavill version of Superman. Playing as the Man of Steel Superman, a player had the ability to use a “Flying Punch”, “Ground Smash”, “Kryptonian Smash”, and “Flying Blows”.

Atari 2600 Superman Game instructions and cartridges (1979)

Happy Superman Day everyone!

Although I don’t have an original box… yet… this is an original Atari 2600 Superman Game instructions as well as two game cartridges. The cartridge on the left is the original version and the one on the right is the version that was released soon after with the Superman graphical treatment as seen on the box cover and instruction booklet.

Kellytoy Justice League 2” Playall Balls (2006)

More merchandising from the Cartoon Network animated series Justice League.

This is a set of Justice League 2” Playall Balls produced by Kellytoy in 2006. In this fishnet bag are three hacky sack balls, each decorated with Superman images. The first features the promotional “Justice League The Man of Steel” logo, used in much of the toy marketing. The second ball has animate of Superman flying upward. The third ball features…

PrestoMagiX Dry Transfer Game #1 and #2 (1979)

Due to the success of the Superman Saves Metropolis dry transfer game that was produced in 1978, Presto Magix released a series of smaller Superman themed games that unfolded to reveal three scenes. Here are two of them. The first in the series was called Superman Blasts Off Krypton where the panels depict Jor-El and Lara sending baby Kal-El off in his rocketship as Krypton is destroyed. The second in the series is titled…

Justice League Unlimited Champion Checkers (2004)

Produced in 2004 was this Justice League Unlimited Champion Checkers board game. In addition to playing an ordinary checkers game, there are three other ways to play. The other games involve specially designed character game pieces featuring many of the main characters in the show like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Martian Manhunter, and The Flash (Wally West). The board game was produced by Mattel.

Superman baseball (1999)

Here in a protective case is an officially licensed Superman baseball from 1999. It is two-toned (red and blue) with an ’S’ symbol on the blue side and a Superman logo font on the red side.

What’s interesting to me is that, although officially licensed, there is no indication on the ball as to its manufacturer aside from the notation “TM & © 1999 DC COMICS.”

PrestoMagiX Superman Saves Metropolis Dry Transfer Game (1978)

Here’s something I had a fun time working on when I was still a youngster.  This Presto Magix Dry Transfer Game, produced in 1978, is titled “Superman Saves Metropolis”.  It features a quad-fold panoramic view of Metropolis and had one sheet of dry transfer images.  It just took a pencil, and some lessons in scale perspective, to make a little masterpiece.  In addition to an image of Superman flying into action, the dry transfers featured…

Parker Brothers Justice League of America Monopoly Collector’s Edition board game (1999)

When the Warner Bros Studio Store was closing its doors at our local mall back in 2001, the store had marked down almost all of their items for quick sale. All, of course, except the gallery items. Toward the end, when most of the merchandise was being picked clean, a stack of these Parker Brothers Justice League of America Monopoly Collector’s Edition board games were among the items left. The board game comes with eight custom pewter tokens which include Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. As an added bonus, the box also comes with…