Hallmark Keepsake Superman Comic Book Heroes ornament (2008)

Here is a Hallmark Keepsake Superman Comic Book Heroes ornament. Produced in 2008, this ornament features a wonderful 3-dimensional sculpt of Superman bursting out of a comic book. If it would stop there, this ornament would be great enough… but it doesn’t. The comic book that the half-figure is on actually opens up to reveal…

Unique Superman Blowouts (1996)

Produced in conjunction with the marketing of the Kids WB show Superman: The Animated Series was this pack of eight blowouts.  Found in the party aisle in 1996 and used for Forth of July festivities, birthdays, and more, these blowouts are not noisemakers but are fun nonetheless.  These packs were made in China and produced by Unique Party Favors in Canada.