Super Friends Superman “running” pencil sharpener (1980)

Here’s another collectible about the 1970s/1980s Super Friends cartoon series. This is another version of the Super Friends Superman pencil sharpener produced in 1980. It’s exactly like the one I posted previously, except the design is of Superman running against a yellow background toward us. As it was with the other sharpener, the art is also by the legendary artist Neal Adams.


BOOTLEG: Headrest Bag Hangers – China (2018*)

This is a pair of “Qui Che Gua Gou”, or “car hooks”, that can be hooked around a headrest post and allows you to hang a bag on the lower hook up to 3 kg (about 6-and-a-half pounds) in weight. Apparently, the hooks come in various characters. These are clearly meant to represent Superman.

Superman pillow (handmade) (C. 1994)

Back in the early 1990s, my Aunt Betty had been very involved in sewing. You name it, she made it… anything from dolls, to quilts, and dresses. She knew that I was a fan of Superman since I was a child and that I grew into a collector as well.

One Christmas, she gave me a gift that I didn’t expect… a Superman pillow made from a fabric that was sold at the time. The front side features…