Action Racing Collectibles NHRA Warren Johnson Pro Stock 1/64th scale car (1999)

In the late 1990s, DC Comics sponsored cars in both NASCAR and NHRA. This is a 1/64th scale replica of the Pro Stock car driven by Warren Johnson. Released in 1999 by Action Racing Collectibles, the vehicle also came with a Warren Johnson Superman trading card.


Nikko DC Super Friends Remote Control Superman vehicle (2016)

As part of the DC Super Friends line, this Remote Control Superman vehicle was produced in 2016 by Nikko, a division of Toy State. This toy car, measuring slightly over six-inches in length, features an infrared remote and working headlights. It also has a button on its hood in the shape of an ’S’ symbol that lights up when pressed and changes…

Squatz DC Universe Superman Battle Pack (2010)

Here’s an unusual product from Wild Planet Entertainment. This is a Squatz DC Universe Superman Battle Pack. Each figurine is contained in a white hardened substance that dissolves in warm water to reveal the figurine hidden inside. The figure on the left in this pack is of Superman and the figure on the right is a mystery hero or villain. Once dissolved, the heads can be…