BvS Superman statue repair


I was graciously given this 2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman statue by a friend.  Apparently it was originally given to him in its broken condition by a friend whose son toppled it off of a shelf.  After the boy’s father glued it back together (presumably with a glue gun) it fell again breaking it into even more pieces.

Assessing the damage, I noticed that a both hands were broken off, the head was severed with a piece missing, both boots were broken off and one had part of its upper boot damaged, and a chunk was broken off of the base.  Fortunately, the overall damage wasn’t too severe.


The head was severed at the base of the neck where the head sculpt met the collar line.  The problem was that a chunk was missing at the base of the neck.

The first step was to clean the hot glue residue that was on the areas where the head severed from the body.  After a thorough cleaning, I then masked off the statue, mixed some epoxy resin glue and re-attached the head and neck to the torso.

When it cured, I carefully added epoxy putty to the broken cavity and sanded it down.  Mixing some paint to match the color of the existing skin tone, I painted over the puttied area and blended the paint to the existing area.


Thankfully, the hands were broken at the wrists without damage to the fingers or the wristlets.  The difficulty was that it was broken at the posts that went into the holes of the wrists.  After cleaning off the gunk left over from the hot glue that was used, I drilled holes into both the broken posts (which were glued into the wrists) and into the hands as well.

Creating two metal dowels out of a paper clip, I applied a little epoxy resin glue into the drill holes and on the contact surfaces.  I inserted the metal dowels into the hands and then into the wrists.  The hands were then held in place temporarily with masking tape until the epoxy cured.


The right boot was a very easy fix… just epoxy glue it back on.  The top of the left boot, however, had areas that were chipped off.

I started by roughly building up the missing area with epoxy putty.  Then, I fine tuned the boot top by carefully sculpting it and sanding it down.  I then color matched and re-painted the area and glued the boot back on.


A chunk of one of the corners of the base was broken off.  The piece was missing so it needed to be rebuilt.

I built up the area with, you guessed it, epoxy putty and carefully sanded it and painted the area silver.  Then, I lightly saturated a portion of a paper napkin with black marker ink and dabbed over the silver to simulate the effect of the original paintwork.


After some tender loving care, and some final cleanup, the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Superman statue is back in action!

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